States Marching Competition
2:15 PM14:15

States Marching Competition

Date: Sunday, September 9th 2018

Be at the Adelaide Showgrounds by 2:15-2:30PM. Remember to bring your ticket.

Meet at the case room underneath the public grandstand (access from behind.) The room will have a "State Band Championships" sign on the window. Look out for fellow Playford players (we're hard to miss!)

Inspections start at 3:25PM, and will take place between the secretary's office and the public grandstand (in front of the grandstand if the weather is windy).

The first band will march off at 3:55PM. Playford is Band 4.

What to Bring:
- Clean instrument
- Clean black shoes (closed toe)
- Clean uniform - Shirt, hat, black pants and skivvy
- Lyre
- Music march cards
- Backing cards

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5:30 PM17:30

Playford Carols

Arrive by 5:30pm.
On Stage: 6:00-6:25pm.

Entry/Exit via Ifould Road
Reserved parking is available for band players (A permit was provided on Wednesday) - Display the parking permit on your car when entering.

Regular band dress code - With Christmas decorations

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2:35 PM14:35

Hahndorf Band Festival

Enter Warm Up: 2:35
Depart Warm Up: 3:05
Rotunda Arrival: 3:20
Commence Performance: 3:30

The Entertainment contest will be held in the Kramm Memorial Rotunda in the Hahndorf Pioneer Memorial Gardens, Main St, Hahndorf. The contest commences at 11:00am, for those interested in seeing the other bands perform.

The band will receive 30 minutes of warm up time in the backstage room of the Hahndorf Institute Hall. This will commence 55 minutes before the band's performance at the Rotunda.

Equipment supplied on stage will include:
Drum Kit and Cymbals
Music Stands
Microphone PA System
Three Timpani

Band music should be brought by section leaders.

Band uniform will be worn, including the green shirt, dress pants, black shoes, hats and a long sleeve black undershirt (depending on temperature).

Results will be announced at approximately between 4:15 and 4:30pm.

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